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Samsung foldable display patent may hint how the new Galaxy Note 4 will look like

ByinLeaks & Rumors | April 27, 2014

Samsung foldable displaySamsung has been making attempts at non-standard displays for some time now. The goal for many smartphone makers is to release a device with a flexible display and that’s what Samsung is aiming at too. The first step was to use a curved display in the Galaxy Round. The phone wasn’t exactly flexible but showed that the technology has its potential. Now it’s time for the idea to unfold. Literally. According to a patent application which appeared online, Samsung is almost ready to use a truly flexible display in an actual device. It may be the first hint how the new Galaxy Note 4 will look like.

Galaxy Note 4 may arrive with foldable display

Galaxy phone with foldable displayThe new screen technology is called YOUM and has been in the works since 2012. The patent application shows a screen that wraps around the edges of a phone creating additional surface which could be used for displaying notifications and controlling music. Such three-sided display would let users check notifications from most apps and services such as messaging, email, social feeds without having to unlock the phone.

YOUM display is flexible due to the fact that it doesn’t contain glass. It can be folded and bent without distorting the image. Since there is no glass, the screen will be virtually indestructible. It’s also thinner and lighter than a standard screen. Senior Vice President of Samsung’s product strategy team, Yoon Han-kil, revealed that the company has plans to release the next-generation Galaxy Note in a new form factor in the second half of 2014.

Smartphone-Tablet HybridSamsung is also looking to explore the idea of flexible display even further. Another patent application presents a concept of a display that wraps all the way to the back on either side of the phone. Even more exciting idea involves foldable display that actually has a folding mechanism. Such technology could open a new chapter in the mobile industry creating a completely new category of smartphone/tablet hybrids. Recent rumors suggest that phones with hinges won’t arrive until 2015. Here’s to hoping that everything works out well and were are not headed for a huge disappointment

source: Phandroid

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