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Samsung entered 2017 with three new Galaxy A smartphones that offer cool features and won’t cost much

ByinAnnouncements | January 3, 2017

Samsung entered 2017 with three new affordable Galaxy A smartphones
Samsung isn’t wasting their time and right after New Year Eve announced a trio of new Galaxy A smartphones. Although the line is already quite familiar, the new A3, A5 and A7 seem to redefine the company’s approach to affordable devices. All three handsets come with a package of features that make them all stand out of the crowd of other budget-friendly phones like the Galaxy J series. Here’s everything you should know about the Samsung’s new A series.

the biggest of the trio - the Galaxy A7

Samsung proves that affordable flagship is a concept possible to realize and enters 2017 with three new Galaxy A phones. Being affordable offerings the devices combine eight cool features distinguishing them from other pocket-friendly handsets.

Being the biggest of the trio, the Galaxy A7 houses a 5.7-inch screen, which makes it 0.5-inch larger than the new A5 and 1-inch bigger than the compact A3. Different in terms of size-factor the phones come with Super AMOLED screen panels and eight new top-notch features common for most premium flagships.

Fast Charging Mode

First of all, the A7 and A5 come with fast charging mode even though they are kept alive by various batteries. The A7 sports a generous 3,600 mAh battery and the A5 hides a 3,000 mAh unit. Although the A3 has the smallest only 2,350 mAh cell and doesn’t support quick charging, the handset is still promised to charge in a relatively quick time.

USB Type-C port

Fast charging support is possible thanks to the USB Type-C port. So, far this type of connectivity was reserved for more premium devices. The Galaxy A line phones don’t only introduce the feature to the niche of affordable products, but they simultaneously bring them in a new standard. The USB Type-C port used in the devices is conveniently reversible connector, which means that you don’t need to worry which way to plug in your device.

Fingerprint Scanner

A fingerprint reader is surely a feature a killer flagship cannot lack. In 2016 mobile makers put a big emphasis on improving safety of personal data stored on our phones, but the technology was rather beyond the reach of budget-conscious customers. Aware of how important it is to protect our data independently on our financial status, Samsung imports the fingerprint reader technology to the A7, A5 and A3 devices building it into the home-button. Except for protecting us from thieves the fingerprint scanner provides us with a multiplicity of other really convenient functions.

Samsung Pay

Equipped with a fingerprint scanner the new Galaxy A phones deliver us the function of wireless payment services. Supporting Samsung Pay the trio sync with the newer terminals using NFC connectivity, but also cooperate with the older MST magnetic ones, which is something we won’t get from competitive services like Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Floating Camera Button

Moving on to the optics, all the freshly introduced Galaxy A phones provide its potential users with really sharp photo-experience. Being definitely more photo-oriented handsets, the A7 and A5 house a duet of identical 16MP cameras set both on the front and the back, guarantying pro-like pics and extremely bright selfies, whereas the A3 sports a 13MP rear sensor and an 8MP front shooter. Speaking of optics, all three phones come with an camera app supporting a floating camera button. This completely new software solution allows the phones’ users to move the camera button around the phone’s display. Why it is so important? Well, there are situations in which we’re holding our phones in a weird position, which doesn’t allow for a convenient access to the camera button. The floating camera button will put an end to this problem, as from now on you decided where you want to locate the key.

Side Speakers

Except for great optics, the new Galaxy A line phones will shock its users with immersive sound experience. In opposition to other phones the trio have their loudspeakers located on the side instead of on the back or the bottom, protecting the sound from being blocked by our fingers.

Dual-SIM and MicroSD Expansion

Another great feature Samsung added to the Galaxy A line are dual-SIM and microSD support. None of us want to walk around with two phones: one for business tasks and the other for personal needs. None of us want to remember to charge both devices. With the Galaxy A 2017 line we don’t need to worry about that. Thanks to dual-SIM support the phone can deal with both business and personal issues. Since the A7 and A5 arrive with a separate slot for the second SIM card enabling easy access to the card, from now on you don’t need to choose between a second SIM or a microSD card. Sadly, the A3 still sports the previous hybrid slot solution.

Samsung announces a trio of new Galaxy A smartphones

Water Resistance

All those cool premium features are packed in a beautifully crafted metal bodies. The eye-catching design has been additionally attested with the IP68 certification. Proved to be water-resistant the new Galaxy A phones can be submerged in water and won’t suffer any damage. Except for being good lookers all three phones have no reason to be ashamed of their essential specs. They all come powered by an octa-core processors. However, note that the A7 and A5 are clocked at 1.9GHz and offer 3GB RAM, while the A3 is clocked at 1.6GHz and sports 2GB RAM. Furthermore, all three devices run Android Marshmallow and support LTE connectivity.

Availability and Pricing

As for availability, Samsung shared the news that the Galaxy A series will hit Russia later this month and then spread to other markets, which means that pretty soon we can see the phone porting to the States. If you’re wondering how much the phones may cost, pricing details still remain quite a mystery but based on earlier releases the Galaxy A line is a budget friendly offering.

source: Samsung

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