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Samsung Android phones have been discovered to have a big security flaw

ByinTips & Guides | November 8, 2014

Samsung Samsung Android phones have recently been found to have a security flaw that enables hackers to control your phone over the Internet. The Find My Mobile feature that was said to secure your data in case your smartphone is stolen turns out to be something of an open gate for hackers who may easily interfere with your phone causing less or more serious damages to you and your phone.

Security flaw in Samsung Android phones allows hackers to remotely take control over them

Find My Mobile The Find My Mobile service was created by Samsung in order to let their customers track their devices, lock or even delete data stored on them when they got stolen. However, the recent discovery of Mohamed Baset leaves no shadow of a doubt, the feature that originally was considered a type of an additional protection, can act against the interest of its user. Since Samsung don’t check where exactly request to Find My Mobile come from, hackers can impersonate the phone’s users and mess with their accounts.

What’s the range of danger? Well, the flaw provides attackers with a wide range of opportunities of interfering with our phones. From pretty harmless but annoying such as, displaying the customized massage on the device’s screen or forcing the phone to ring on a full volume for a minute to pretty disturbing like for instance, screen locking with an arbitrary code, finding our recent location or even erasing our data from the device.

All these could be done without the phone’s owner be capable to do anything about it. But still the most alarming is the information that this security loophole may be used in more advanced hacks such as ransom attacks. This is why the US National Vulnerability Database labeled the hack with a 7.8 out of 10 risk rating tag.

Although Samsung response was quick and the company pleaded guilty of overlooking the discussed flaw simultaneously ensuring that they fixed the problem with a security patch on October 13, it still begs for question whether we can feel safe or perhaps there are more loopholes in the system waiting for being discovered. If you want to see how easy it is to attack the Samsung Android phones via Find My Mobile, you may watch Baset’s video posted on YouTube.

source: TheRegister

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