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Republic Wireless offers mobile plans for as cheap as $15 per month, but is it worth it?

ByinTips & Guides | August 3, 2019

Republic Wireless offer extremely cheap plans

We all want to make our monthly bills lower. That’s a common thing for all of us addicted to phone calls. Conscious of that service providers are trying to cut down the price of their services using various technologies. One of such solutions is Wi-Fi calling service delivered by Google’s Project Fi. However, Google isn’t the first to offer such services. Republic Wireless had have offered Wi-Fi calling long before Google came up with that idea, from 1999 to be exact. But does Republic Wireless keep the given word? Here’s everything you may want to know about this low-cost carrier’s plans and most importantly if is worth it.

Republic Wireless offers mobile plans for as cheap as $15 per month

Republic Wireless offers extremely cheap plans. But are they worth the price? Can you expect decent quality services for just $15 per month? Let’s find out.

Republic Wireless is one of several cheap carriers who promise to save your money. In order to lower the costs of their services, the carrier routs most of our calls and data through a series of Wi-Fi hotspots. Except for helping you save some money, the company also claims that they want to deliver better experience, especially in situations when you are deprived of cellular signal.

Republic Wireless offers plans as cheap as $15 per month, but are they worth it? Are there any caveats? Perhaps the money isn’t big but do we get decent quality of services?

On what network does Republic Wireless work?

To make its services more reliable and cost-effective Republic Wireless relies on Wi-Fi first. This allows the company to reduce the charges to zero. However, in case when Wi-Fi signal isn’t available, the carriers uses Sprint network. Furthermore, in 2016 Republic Wireless gained another network partner. Saying that it’s the nation’s fastest growing 4G LTE network, the company pointed at T-Mobile. That’s surely a good news, because in many LTE networks tests, T-Mobile in many areas is faster than Verizon. The bad news for Apple’s fans, however, is that the carrier doesn’t accept iPhones, which means that you have to stuck to an Android-based handset. Quite disappointing, isn’t it?

In order to benefit from Republic Wireless services, you will have to set up your device to sync with Wi-Fi networks, other than the public ones that your handset would join automatically. But the carrier claims that their services is worth all the effort. Why? Mostly, because taking advantage of Wi-Fi allows you to minimize your data costs.

What phones can you use with Republic Wireless?

As we mentioned before, Republic Wireless isn’t compatible with iPhones. Instead, the carrier provides its subscribers with a selection of 18 eligible phones which are listed on its website. Wondering whether you existing Android smartphone will be approved by Republic Wireless? Well, to check your handset’s eligibility you can either visit the carrier’s website and read the list or download the Republic Wireless app straight from the Google Play store. Although the list is dominated by affordable handsets, there are also some more high-end offerings like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or the Google Nexus 6P.

Republic Wireless provides its subscribers with a selection of 18 eligible phones

What is the best Republic Wireless plan?

All Republic Wireless plans have few things in common. First of all, they’re pretty straightforward. Secondly, they include unlimited talk and text services. They only differ in terms of monthly data allotment, and price naturally.

The carrier’s data plans start at $15 per month, but then you can rely only on Wi-Fi data. Meanwhile, 4G LTE plans start at $20 per month. For that money, you will get 1GB of fast data per month. For $45 you can benefit from 4GB of monthly LTE data allotment.

For comparison, at Metro PCS for $5  less, you will get only 3GB. If 4GB isn’t enough to you, you can always enroll for a 6GB or 10GB plans, which cost $60 and $90, respectively. But if you can afford such a price, then you’d better sign up for an unlimited plan at one of the major carriers.

Special features

Except for cheap plans, Republic Wireless offers a feature called Adaptive Coverage. Using Bonded Calling technology Adaptive Coverage combines both Wi-Fi and mobile signals. All this to give its customers the best call quality.

The carrier assures that Bonded Calling monitors the quality of your phone’s connectivity over Wi-Fi and fills in any gaps in your conversation using accessible cellular data. The main goal of this technology is to reduce the costs and the number of dropped  calls, which happen quite often if you’re switching between Wi-Fi and mobile coverage. It’s not a completely innovative technology, as it is already used by Project Fi and Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile.

Another great feature is that you can use your phone as a mobile hotspot at no extra charges. The data you will use in this way be deducted from your monthly allotment. Who can take advantage of the feature? Every Clear Choice or Republic Refund Plan, providing that you using a phone running Android 5.0 or higher.

How do customers rate Republic Wireless?

There are many positive reviews concerning the Republic Wireless services. People often admire lower prices and responsive customer service, especially the online one. Other criticize the carrier for the ability to hang on to calls and the lack of proper family plans. Some voices also suggest that coverage sometimes isn’t of sufficient quality.


Republic Wireless was the one that inspired Google to come up with its Project Fi. Due to its innovative character the carrier deserves a credit.

Although plans are cheap, the services aren’t the best option to everyone. It’s surely a great choice for students living on a campus with good Wi-Fi coverage, but it won’t work in the case of a big family mostly due to the lack of proper family plans. The biggest disadvantage of Republic Wireless, however, is the limited phone selection and the fact that it doesn’t approve iPhones. Of course, we will keep you posted if that changes.

source: Republic Wireless

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