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Republic Wireless offering Motorola Defy XT under $100 on contract

ByinSales & Special Offers | February 21, 2013

Motorola Defy XT for RepublicRepublic Wireless has just announced a great deal for those who have been considering the switch but were holding off because of the $249 the carrier was asking for the Motorola Defy XT. Starting today, customers will have two options while buying the phone. You can purchase the Motorola Defy XT at the current price of $249 and stick with $19 per month plan, or you can have the handset for just $99. The catch is that monthly costs will amount to $29.

Republic Wireless service on contract, is it worth it?

Defy XT Republic WirelessEven though monthly costs are a bit higher than the “traditional” plan when you decide to go with the lower price for the handset, it still is a great deal. For just $29 a month you get unlimited talk, text and data, and all this without any contracts, unlike other carriers that require you to sign service agreement when they subsidize the prices of phone.

You want a proof? Here are some numbers. Let’s consider costs over the period of two years in a family of three. The family’s expenses would amount to $4,830 for three phones and unlimited service on a “leading brand”. Now let’s persuade the family to switch to Republic Wireless. They will save $2,385 compared to the “leading brand” when they sign for the $29 a month plan with subsidized Motorola Defy XT. The savings will be even higher, up to $2,715, if they decide to stick with the traditional $19 a month plan.

Still not convinced? Check out for yourself.

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