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RED Hydrogen phone featuring holographic display is coming in 2018 but it won’t be cheap

ByinAnnouncements | July 9, 2017

Hydrogen One
RED isn’t surely a company that pops into your mind when thinking about mobile industry. In fact considered a leading camera maker the company is identified with film industry, where it is very popular. However, this state of things may change soon, as the company has recently shared a news that they plan to release the very first smartphone offering holographic display. Except for innovative technology, the phone will also shock with extremely high pricing.

Hologram Display

RED to release a phone with a holographic display. The Hydrogen phone will offer impressive augmented reality experience, great optics and modular design but it will be pricey.

If to believe the announcement, called Hydrogen, the RED’s smartphone will be a pretty futuristic device. It arrives with a 5.7-inch display featuring an innovative nanotechnology that seamlessly switches between classic 2D content, holographic multi-view content and 3D content. Just imagine how immersive gaming experience the phone will offer to its users.

Apart from the fancy screen panel, the Hydrogen is a modular phone. Thanks to the array of pins visible on the handset’s backside, you will be able to add some extra functionality. However, we still don’t know what types of additional components will be available. At this point, we are sure of only one thing- they won’t be cheap, just as the Hydrogen itself.

Speaking of the pricing, the phone is sold at a breath-taking price of $1195 for the standard aluminum model. Meanwhile, the titanium version hits the market tagged with an even more whopping price of $1,595.

As for specs, they are still pretty much a mystery. All we know is that the Hydrogen will come with a USB Type-C port and a traditional headphone jack. Another thing we can be pretty sure of is that it will surely sport an advanced camera RED is famous for. In addition, to high-quality optics and viewing experience, the Hydrogen will also provide its users with great sound quality. As the company unveiled that the phone will feature a built-in H30 algorithm to conver stereo sound into multi-dimensional audio. The phone will work on Android OS, but its version is unknown. The same with processor parameters and amount of RAM and ROM.

If the RED Hydrogen evoked your curiosity to such a degree that you’re willing to get one on your own, the device is already open for pre-order. But don’t except the phone before the Q1 of 2018, which is when it is scheduled to start shipping. Cited prices will be available for limited time only.

source: RED Hydrogen

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