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Recent images comparing cheap plastic iPhone Lite and iPhone 5

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 21, 2013

iPhone 5 vs. iPhone LiteIn most cases, the price of a cell phone really does matter. But in relation to quality, people will go the extra mile to buy something a little pricier with more capability. The new plastic iPhone from Apple is speculated to give you the best of both words. Which are budget prices for the devices as well as next to kin processors and connectivity options, and capability. Two designs for the cheaper iPhone Lite will be available as well, so along with a newer pricing option for customers, style preference is also available.

Apple iPhone Lite vs. iPhone 5

Plastic iPhone vs. iPhone 5The iPhone as of late will run you for a little over $600 dollars, the plastic iPhone which does not yet have a set name (possibly the iPhone Lite) is anticipated to nest in the price range of $249 to $399 which is significantly lower than the high end priced iPhone 5. It will feature the latest hardware at this price competing with the popular iPhone 4, as well as Nokia, Samsung Electronics, Huawei, and the many other Android manufacturers.

As far as the design goes, many characteristics on the iPhone Lite design take genes from the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPod classic. Differences from the iPhone 5 are obvious also. The iPhone 5 has larger grilles on either side, differently styled volume buttons and is circular. Whereas the iPhone lite has four speaker holes, smaller grilles, and is rather elongated. Based on the size when compared to the iPhone 5, the lite matches up quite close, furthermore, predicting a very identical specifications listing.

Images comparing cheap iPhone and iPhone 5There are two alternate interior and hardware designs of the iPhone Lite: Zenevo and Zagato/Bertone. Zenevo features a H5P Dual Processor developed by Samsung, 1GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, and FDD 4G connectivity. Zegato/Bertone features a H6P processor, 1GB RAM, TDD 4G LTE and Bluetooth 4.0. Another key element to the making of the iPhone Lite is that, both alternatives will be cheaper than the IPhone 5, while the Zenevo will be cheaper than the Zegato/Bertone.

Images comparing the cheap iPhone and iPhone 5 were recently leaked, almost as a teaser, there’s a lot of missing information that could really appeal to customers in the future. Things like a solid answer as to if this phone will actually hit the market, if so when. Yet, overall the information seems surprising good, in terms of pricing options and design reflection. Apple may pull another innovative cell phone out their sleeve.

source: Tech Kiddy

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