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Seven reasons to buy Android phone over Apple iPhone and Windows Smartphone

ByinTips & Guides | February 21, 2014

Google Android PhoneWhy to choose Android phone over Apple’s iPhone or Windows Phone? Well, lets start with the most noticeable reason – the variety of choices. As you may noticed Android market offers customers literally dozens of options to choose a handset from. Android phones are offered by all leading smartphone makers including Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and Sony, as well as most lesser known located all over the world.

Wide choice of brands and models

Curved Android PhoneThe wide choice of brands and models guarantees that everyone will find a smartphone that perfectly fits his needs without any sacrifice. For instance, you can find Android smartphones in different sizes starting from compact mini design and ending with phablet size; varying from entry-level phones to high-end powerhouses and finally at prices ranging from cheap to pretty pricey. For comparison, iOS is limited only to Apple’s iPhones, which are aimed at more expensive users. Similarly, Windows Phone platform with few exceptions can be found mostly on Nokia handsets.

Android is an Open Source Platform

Since Android OS is an open source platform, it is free and fully customizable. Users with appropriate skills are welcome to put their creative thinking into action, contribute and help improve the software and make it way richer. Availability for development is not restricted to the platform itself only but includes also applications. Moreover, smartphone makers can make their own changes to the OS, in this way distinguishing their brand from the rest.

More Free Apps

Android Phone with Rotated CameraEach platform has its own market where you can find hundreds of thousands of different apps to pick from. However, the biggest advantage of Android over iOS and Windows is a large number of free apps compared to the remaining two platforms. The vast majority of popular apps you use on your PC or laptop are also available for Android phones, including Skype, Groupon, BBC News, Netflix, Facebook or Instagram, to name just a few. Since Android is owned by Google, the platform fully supports the whole suite of Google apps and services such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google+ Google Talk, etc.

Alternative Markets

The main source of Android apps is the Google Play Store; however, apps compatible with Android OS can be purchased and downloaded also at other markets, for example Amazon appstore.


Android is a perfect choice if you want to express your personality through your phone. The platform allows you to change almost all settings making the phone look and work exactly the way you like. Customization options include for example the launcher which can be replaced by a third-party launcher that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Both, iOS and Windows offer very limited options in this respect.


Android PhabletWidgets help to keep most often used apps organized and easily accessible. You can decide which apps or services you use most often and put the widgets on the homescreen for quick and easy access. For example, the iOS doesn’t you to put widgets on the homescreen, which means that in order to find the app you need you actually have to swipe through all the apps you have installed on your iPhone. Windows’ Live Tiles were designed to facilitate access to most often used apps; however, they may give the impression of crowdedness, while widgets help to keep the homescreen tidy and organized.

Custom ROMs

Being an open platform, Android can serve as a basis upon which developers build custom ROMs, that is their own versions of Android. Custom ROMs retain all key characteristics of stock Android and add some extra features. CyanogenMod is one example of custom ROM.

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