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Puzzlephone modular Android smartphone coming in the second half of 2015

ByinLeaks & Rumors | December 4, 2014

PuzzlephoneEven though there are dozens of brands and hundreds of models of phones on the market, finding a perfect device can be a real challenge. Every user has his own priorities when it comes to specs such as sharp screen, powerful processor, large battery, lots of storage, advanced camera, etc in any combination of the above. Google tackled the issue with Project Ara phone, but it appears that it won’t be the only modular Android smartphone released next year. A device called Puzzlephone will be coming to the market in the second half of 2015 priced the same as any mid-range smartphone.

Puzzlephone modular Android smartphone by Circular Devices

New PuzzlephoneThe Puzzlephone is developed by Finnish startup Circular Devices and is based on the same idea as the Project Ara phone, which is to built your own device using the components of your choice. While the Ara phone will let users make their phones basically from the scratch, the Puzzlephone apparently will have more limited customization options, but still it appears to be an interesting alternative, especially since it won’t be very expensive.

The Puzzlephone has three main components – the “Spine”, the “Brain” and the “Heart”. The “Spine” includes “a highly resistant LCD module” as well as the main buttons, speakers and microphones. The “Brain”, as the name suggests, is where the most important stuff is such as main electronics and camera. The “Heart” houses secondary electronics and battery. The first units will be launched with forked version of Android on board, but we can also expect the phone to support other platforms including Windows Phone, Sailfish and Firefox OS.

The Puzzlephone apparently won’t be as customizable as the Ara device, but still it will allow you to personalize your phone to a much greater extend than an average smartphone. Not to mention the fact that the handset is expected to sell at mid-range pricing, which is definitely going to be a huge incentive for users. Truth be told, Google said it would sell the Ara phone at affordable rate but you won’t get much with the basic model. Bottom line – the Puzzlephone seems to be a very promising device.

source: Puzzlephone

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