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Pros & cons of buying cheap phones.

Pros cons of buying cheap phones

What you need to know:


Good if you need quick cell phone before your contract ends.

Affordable and good to use on a daily basis.

Great option if you are in an emergency.


Great for those who lose phones constantly.

No contract, no commitment required.

Better solution than insurance from your service provider.


Lack manufacturer warranty.

Short return policy, usually between 7 – 45 days.

Older models may have clumsy design, can be oversized and overweight.

If you are electronic geek you may be disappointed with features that cheap phones carry.

If you are a professional, and making a good impression is important for you, think twice about purchasing old cheap phones.

You won’t know the past of used and refurbished phones. What is under the hood? How was the phone treated by its previous owner?

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2 Responses to “Pros & cons of buying cheap phones.”

  1. If I buy a Galaxy 3 phone that is unlocked will it work with Straight talk /Verizon towers ?
    I will make sure it was not a Sprint Phone.

    • Susan, unlocked phones won’t work with Verizon towers due to network differences – GSM vs. CDMA. If you want Samsung Galaxy S3 for Straight Talk service running on Verizon towers I would suggest purchasing a Verizon version of the phone and activate it by providing ESN# to the carrier. Prior purchase make sure that ESN# is clean and Straight Talk will activate it. Here is a link where you can check it. Also here is a link to deals on Verizon Galaxy S3 for your convenience. Hope you find this helpful.

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