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Project Tango tablet is now available for purchase at half price and without invitation

ByinTablets | May 29, 2015

Project Tango Tablets

Introduced in 2014 the Google’s Project Tango tablet was initially an exclusive offering available only by invitation for developers and it was pricey too. To get the slate in his hands a tech enthusiast had to pay a hefty price of $1024. This apparently is about to change.  To get one of these pretty much futuristic tablets featuring 3D mapping you don’t need to have an invitation any longer. The Project Tango is now within your reach invite-free via Google Store. What’s even more interesting, the device is on sale at a half of its original price.

Project Tango tablets are now available for all

Google Project Tango
A month ago Google sent a note to Project Tango developers that they plan to make the slate become accessible for a wider audience. In order to do that, Google must give up the invitation system and cut down the price of the device development kit. As it turned out Google kept their word since now the tablet is listed on Play Store priced at $512 and do not require any invites.

What’s the whole fuss about? Well, the Project Tango is the very first tablet to use a human-like understanding of space and motion. In practice it means that the device is capable of sensing 3D and creating digital representation of its user surrounding environment.

Google claims that thanks to a great number of advanced sensors the Project Tango may enhance navigation for visually challenged people since the device is capable to give very detailed directions within buildings. In addition, the new technology should also deliver a high-quality, really immersive video game experience.

Moving on to the hardware side, the tablet boasts a 7-inch 1920x1200p display and is powered by a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor paired with 4GB RAM and 128GB of built-in storage. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro-HDMI ports and 4G LTE. However, the device biggest selling point are definitely its optics represented by a camera setup equipped with a wide range of sensor that together deliver 3D mapping. More precisely, the tablet sports three sensors located on its back: one takes pictures, one tracks motion and one is responsible for capturing depth.

Opening sales of the Project Tango tablet more broadly and lowering price to a half will surely help Google to expand the new technology which should now attract a greater number of developers and tech enthusiasts. If you one of them, remember to follow Google I/O that should deliver many useful information concerning the device.

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