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Planning to buy the Moto X phone soon? You may want to wait because it is about to get cheaper

ByinAnnouncements | September 5, 2013

Motorola X PhonesThat was quick. No more than just a few short weeks have passed since the Moto X arrived at the stores and we are already witnessing price cuts. At the moment, the process is taking place only in Canada, but anyway, it is a good sign. Rogers, the first carrier to offer the Moto X in North America, has dropped the price down to $169 from the regular $189. Several retailers, including Best Buy, are even more generous and are selling the phone for $149, which is $40 off the initial price. According to @evleaks Motorola’s Moto X might see even $100 price cut in four quarter of this year.

Moto X Phone – Prices & Details

Moto X GreenAlthough it has not been officially confirmed yet, it would be logical for the US carriers to start dropping the prices of the Moto X too. In the US, the Moto X is available from AT&T and Verizon Wireless with a standard two-year contract. Both carriers are currently asking $199.99 for the phone. This is the price you will pay for 16 GB of storage. If you need more, AT&T will soon start carrying the 32 GB model which will cost $249.99.

Out of the two US carriers, only AT&T allows its customers to personalize the phone via Moto Maker. Rumor has it, that some time in Q4 of this year, the Moto X will also be available with wooden back, which will cost you another $50. In addition to the color of the back panel, other customization features include a separate color for the trim, personal engraving on the back as well as a wallpaper of your choosing. The Moto X is the first smartphone fully assembled in the US.

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