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Pebble Time smartwatch goes official sporting quite basic features and low price

ByinSmartwatches | February 25, 2015

Peble TimeThree years ago Pebble started works on their smartwatch project, now the company is launching a 2nd gen of the original Pebble watch. Called Pebble Time the new wearable device features a color e-paper display, considerably thinner body and a microphone. Being a budget sector gadget sporting quite basic features the new smartwatch goes official as a offering dedicated to all those who value longer battery life over cutting edge specs. The Pebble Time hits Kickstarter with an early price of $159 .

Pebble Time offers 7-day battery life

Peble Time BlackStarting from the Pebble Time’s best selling point, the watch comes with an extremely powerful battery which is said to deliver up to even seven days of usage on a single charge. These stunning battery-life capacity along with a highly affordable price make the gadget a serious competitor for the high-end smartwatches that need to be recharged daily. Frankly speaking, one day of usage offered by other watches sounds like nothing when compared to the Pebble Time’s 7-day battery capacity.

Slimmed down by almost 20 percent the body of the Pebble Time houses a wider display that this time comes in color. Additionally, to make the device more comfortable to wear the manufacturer gave it a more curved form factor which will adjust to your wrist nicely. Featuring a covered with Corning Gorilla Class 3 face finished with stainless steel bezel, the gadget speaks a design language being a combination of the original plastic Pebble and the Pebble Steel.

Having a water-resistant body shell, the Pebble Time comes equipped with a microphone, the lack of which was so far the biggest deficiency in Pebble watches. However, in order to save battery life, the mentioned microphone isn’t always in, to turn in on you need to press a special button. Sadly, the new Pebble isn’t equipped with a heart-rate sensor or anything like that, but it sports a special expansion port which enables its users to attach additional function-adding bands to the device.

In addition to all these, the Pebble Watch will also introduce a brand new operating system created by webOS designers that will bring a breath of fresh air to the clunker elements of Pebble’s old operating system. It means that all of the Pebble’s well-known old watch faces and apps will still work, however elements like reminders, past notification, weather etc. will now take the form of a stream located right on the homescreen, pretty much like in case of Android Wear.

This new organization will replace the previous app-centric order that is far more convenient when applied in smartphones, but when it comes to smartwatches it doesn’t serve its purpose well. The new OS will be compatible will all Android 4.0 or higher smartphones and iPhones working on iOS 8 or higher. What’s more the company promises that all 6,500+ of existing apps available for older devices will work with the Pebble Time without problem.

As for pricing and availability, the Pebble Time is available in pre-order via Kickstarter in three color variants. The watch is now being sold for $159 with shipping scheduled to start no sooner than in May. Later, the gadget will be accessible directly from Pebble online store for $199.

source: Kickstarter

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