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Pebble Smartwatch is now for sale at $129.99 after $20 discount just in time of Black Friday event

ByinSmartwatches | November 29, 2013

Pebble SmartwatchBlack Friday is a good day to get yourself a brand new Pebble smartwatch. The device is up for grabs from its official site as well as Amazon. As a special Black Friday deal, the maker is selling the watch with a $20 discount for $129.99. When the promotion ends, the Pebble will cost $149.99. And this is where Amazon steps in with one dollar cut, offering the watch for $148.99. Both, Amazon and Pebble, have black, white, red and orange units in stock, though orange variant is running low on Amazon. The silver model is currently on backorder.

Pebble Smartwatch for iOS and Android devices

PebbleWe first heard of the Pebble last year when Kickstarter’s campaign was launched. Kickstarter is increasingly popular method of raising funds for ambitious project. However, probably no one suspected that the smartwatch would receive so much support. The final result was astonishing – more than $10 million and a record number of 85,000 backers. And this is how the Pebble smartwatch came to life.

The Pebble is a wearable device that is both stylish and functional. At first glance, it looks just like a watch buts its 144 x 168 pixel screen has much more to offer than just display time. And speaking about displaying time, you can choose from a wide selection of watchfaces.

The watch can be paired via Bluetooth with your smartphone running iOS or Android and display a number of notifications including Caller ID, email, text message, and calendar alerts, as well as Facebook updates, Twitter, Instagram, and more. The Pebble also provides quick and easy access to many health and fitness apps as well as games and still more are in the works.

more info: GetPebble / Amazon

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