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Patent reveals Samsung idea to bring a foldable tablet to the market

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Tablets | June 12, 2015

Samsung Foldable Tablet
Witnessing Samsung’s efforts to deliver flexible and foldable display to the world, we know that innovative display solutions are the company’s favorite research field. It’s not a secret that for some time the net is buzzing with rumors suggesting that the mobile giant is working on a fully foldable portable device that can change its size factor with just a single flip. These speculation found confirmation in recent patent leaks presenting pics of the prototype of a new foldable tablet.

Samsung has a foldable tablet in the works.

Samsung Patent
It’s not the first time Samsung pops up with a foldable or flexible display idea. To tell you the truth the South Korean company seems to have more than just one innovative display design up in their sleeves. Some time ago we could see blueprint pics of a book-like tablet featuring a screen divided into two halves folded one against another allowing users to change the size of the device with just a single flip.

The new patent leak shows an even more futuristic concept unveiling that Samsung wants to create a tablet consisting of three foldable display sheets that together can allegedly build one large screen. Or perhaps the bottom part will create a keyboard?

Naturally, we will have to wait a bit to see Samsung’s stunning technology to hit the commercial market or at least to become a final product available exclusively for developers. Sadly, there are masses of patents regarding foldable displays that eventually end their life as a concept idea never seeing the day light.

However, seeing Samsung’s achievements in this field we may be pretty sure that the manufacturer will sooner or later launch a device similar to those showed on patent documentation. Don’t forget that the company already proved that impossible becomes possible while releasing one of the most notable display innovation, the curved, fully functional screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

source: Kipris

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