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Oppo teases ‘revolutionary 24-megapixel Ultra HD’ on the Oppo N1 Mini

ByinLeaks & Rumors | August 6, 2014

N1 Mini CameraIn May, the Chinese company Oppo announced unveiling the compact version of the 5.9-inch Oppo N1. Although the manufacturer officially confirmed the Oppo N1 Mini’s premiere it is dosing us with small portions of information on the handset’s specs, leaving us the space for countless speculations. And just right now the company teases its fans on social media with a new promo telling about the N1 Mini’s ‘revolutionary 24-megapixel Ultra HD’ camera.

Oppo N1 Mini to arrive with 24MP Ultra HD camera

Oppo N1 Mini TeaserDespite we still in the dark when it comes on the phone’s hardware and specs, the recent news concerning the Oppo N1 Mini’s optics seem to be very alluring. But, don’t get deceived. It should be mentioned that the revolutionary 24-megapixel shooter is nothing else but just a tricky promotional campaign slogan that have very little in common with the truth. As a matter of fact, the reality isn’t such appealing since the phone doesn’t sport an outstanding 24-megapixel shooter, which would be a really innovative move in the scaled-down alternatives of handsets, but a decent 13-megapixel sensor.

But, we shouldn’t be too harsh in our criticism toward the Oppo and do the justice to the company’s promotional post, since though the phone doesn’t have a 24-megapixel sensor on the board, it can take photos of such quality thanks to the smart upsampling mode. The technology may sound familiar to those who know the Oppo’s Find 7, which were equipped with 13-megapixel camera allowing the users to take 50-megapixel quality snaps. But why in the case of the upcoming N1 Mini, the company applied only 24-megapixel smart technology?

What’s more interesting the Oppo N1 Mini camera’s is said to be rotating Sony-made sensor, that may be used as a main back shooter or as a front-facing one, giving its users the opportunity to take nice, high quality selfie pics. Just to mention, in case you forget, the technology was previously used in the N1 Mini’s bigger brother.

Though we don’t know nothing about the Oppo’s N1 Mini’s official premiere, we know that it will cost something around $435.

From now on we will always look for the catch in the news launched by the Oppo, since in the case of this manufacturer nothing seems to be as it is said to be. Hope that witnessing the fervent discussion on the company’s tricky practices will teach the Oppo a lesson to be more precise in their statements and announcements, even if they are just a part of the promotional campaign.

source: Oppo

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