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New render leaks out purportedly showing the forthcoming Oppo N3 without a cylindrical funny designed top

ByinLeaks & Rumors | September 22, 2014

Oppo N3 Oppo is a manufacturer known for their concern for the high quality and supreme design of the launched products. Last year we could witness the premiere of the Oppo N1, a massive 5.9-inch smartphone equipped with an unique camera able to swivel 206 degrees. And just right now the company is teasing us with the N1 successor’s release, so no wonder that the whole net is buzzing with rumors and leaks on the phone. Few weeks ago we were talking about the Oppo N3’s cylindrical funny designed top, today we got renders reportedly denying the innovative and unusual feature.

Oppo N3 won’t feature a cylindrical camera module

Oppo N3 The previous leaks unveiled quite unorthodox approach to the phone’s design sporting a bit over-sized and cylindrical top part of the device. The images presented cylindrical camera module with LEF flash that rotates. Even if the solution seems reasonable and handy, it looks a bit weird, don’t you think?

Fortunately or not, today’s render pics show the back side of the phone with a flash camera module resembling the one featured by the N1, which just as well looks as be able to rotate. Additionally, if to believe the leaks, the Oppo N3’s camera will be supported by dual-LED flash providing extra brightness in dark scenes.

Although the discussed render presents only the back side of the device, it’s pretty sure that the smartphone will come with a metallic unibody design with metal buttons located on its left sides. Which may appear to be interesting, since the manufacturer traditionally puts the power button on the left side and the volume rockers on the right. All these make us thinking that Oppo is drawing their inspiration from the Motorola or Xiaomi design that also locate the phone’s button on one side. Aside of that the phone seems to have a premium sleek design.

Taking into account the fact that we’re getting so contradictory information, we should take all of them with a pinch of salt. Even if some of them seem to be more authentic and probable than other, remember that everything is much of a speculation until the Oppo N3’s official unveiling, which is scheduled to take place on October 29th during the company’s special press conference in Singapore.

sorce: SoyaCincau | GSMArena

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