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OnePlus 2 may be powered by Snapdragon 810 and cost around $400

ByinLeaks & Rumors | May 8, 2015

OnePlus LogoAccording to recent reports, the fervently-awaited OnePlus 2 would differ significantly from its predecessor not only in terms of hardware, but also when it comes to pricing. Though, so far, the Chinese OnePlus revealed very scarce information concerning its forthcoming flagship, the company’s CEO Liu Zuohu has recently discussed the phone’s processor and pricing details with the brand fans on Weibo. According to the latest rumor the OnePlus 2 will reportedly come with the Snapdragon 810 and cost around $400.

OnePlus 2 processor and pricing rumor

OnePlus OneDuring the chat with mobile enthusiasts Liu Zuohu, also known as Pete Lau, suggested that the OnePlus 2 is likely to debut with the Snapdragon 810 processor on the board and asked how much the company should charge for the phone if it really came with the Qualcomm’s latest chipset. When OnePlus fan proposed a price rating around $400, Lau simply said that it would be a reasonable price.

Naturally, as you’ve probably already noticed, the OnePlus 2 won’t be as cheap as its predecessor OnePlus One costing only $299 SIM-lock free and without contract. This considerable raise in the phone’s price may be explained by the fact that implementation of high-end parts makes the whole manufacturing process more expensive, thus forcing the company to increase retail price of the upcoming phone.

We could think that the whole chat wasn’t nothing more than a simple provocation if it weren’t for the fact that Carl Pei, OnePlus co-founder, mentioned the same price of Twitter, giving the speculations more trustworthy character.

If you aren’t put off by the OnePlus 2 potential pricing, let’s sum up all we’ve managed to learn about the device and check what it offers its future users. If all the leaks turn out to be at least partly accurate, the phone will come with either a 5.5-inch or 6-inch 2560x1440p resolution display covered with 2.5D glass and a fingerprint scanner said to use more advanced technology than Touch ID. Furthermore, It will be powered by the Snapdragon 810 combined with 3GB RAM and run Oxygen OS.

Just as the very first OnePlus, the OnePlus 2 flagship for 2015 will be available for purchase through an invite system. However, the good thing is that it won’t be the company’s one and only phone released this year. There will be also a more affordable OnePlus device for more budget conscious buyers. As for premiere details, the OnePlus 2 is expected to hit the market in the third quarter of 2015.

source: Weibo

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