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The OnePlus 2 should be out within the second or third quarter of 2015

ByinLeaks & Rumors | October 7, 2014

OnePlus OneThe announced earlier this year OnePlus One smartphone is still out of reach of the majority of tech enthusiasts. Although the company continues to sell the phone in limited numbers on an invite-basis, they’re simultaneously teasing us with its successor that is said to be available no sooner than in the second or third quarter of 2015. Here is what we can expect from the OnePlus 2.

The OnePlus 2 availability date and details

OnePlus OneDuring the Reddit’s Ask Me Anything sessions, representatives of OnePlus said that the company plans to launch a new smartphone. The device is expected to be ready within the second or third quarter of the next year. Of course, taking into account the fact its so distant date, no strict details concerning the OnePlus 2’s availability and official premiere could be given, so all those wanting to put their hands on the next OnePlus flagship, will have to wait to learn more specific information. The only thing concerning the OnePlus Two being unveiled is that the OnePlus plans to launched it with pre-installed Android L, which, according to the company, by that time would be something of a standard OS.

Another thing is that the company mentioned considering to create a smaller device, being conscious of the fact that many people found the original OnePlus One too large. So, the handset is supposed to sport smaller than having 5.5-inch screen featured by its predecessor. However, such promises may as well turn out to be empty ones, just as in the case of the original One that was boasted about to be a 5.5-inch phone enclosed in the body of a 5-inch device. Still, the manufacturer emphasizes that there are listening to their customer’s voices and do their best to satisfy their needs. Which is definitely a good news for all those of you hoping to put their hands on a smaller OnePlus Two handset.

Although the company has recently lived through many ups and downs ever since the official release of the OnePlus 2, they seem not to be discouraged and keep their sights coursed on the future. Perhaps, until 2015 they’ll improve their inviting system in order to enable larger number of people to buy their next flagship. If not, it’s pretty probable that we will be able to try it no earlier that by the end of 2015, since the released this April One is scheduled to be available in pre-order starting late October. The company excuses such situation claiming that they underestimated the demand for the device, which resulted in the scarcity.

source: Reddit

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