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Omate unveils two new round smartwatches that do not run Android

ByinSmartwatches | January 11, 2015

Omate SmartwatchesSmartwatches are gradually gaining on popularity since they’re no longer only a tech gadget but as well a modern fashion accessory. Knowing that smartwatches especially those with round form factor are in vogue, the well-known designer and manufacturer of high-class wearables, Omate has unveiled two new round smartwaches, dubbed “Roma” and “Racer”. Though speaking different design languages, both watches are reported to house the same MediaTek Aster chipset and run other platforms than popular Android OS.

Omate Roma and Racer Round Smartwatches

Omate RacerSadly, at this point we can speak only about the external design rather that the smartwatches’ specs since except their chipset type nothing more is known about their tech parameters. Although the Omate watches are said not to run Android Wear, the manufacturer keeps mum about the details concerning the mysterious OS it plans to equipped their devices with.

When it comes to the mentioned design, both watches vary significantly. The Roma is the more delicate of the siblings featuring leather wristband and regular steel looking circular face, while the Racer is according to the company “the sport-oriented, rugged alter ego” of the business class Roma.

Since the upcoming wearables are to be notification gadgets with basic physical activity monitoring and a week-long battery life guaranteed by the low-power chipset (of course, those figures apply only to normal use circumstances), we can’t expect them to carry innovative bleeding edge specs. Additionally, the watches are also to offer its future users a variety of customizable watch face styles. In terms of connectivity options, the gadgets’ future users will get support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Omate is already offering the Racer in pre-order than can be made via the company’s official website. The watch is now being sold for just $99, but this is a promotional offer that is valid until January 15th. Later the price for the device will increase to $129. So, if you’re thinking of getting yourself the Racer, you’d better make a quick purchase decision since it will allow you to save $30.

As for delivery, the shipments are scheduled to kick off no sooner that at the end of February. Due to the Omate’s partnership with the Richline Group the smartwatch will be available for purchase at retailers, including jewelry stores, within US and UK this March. So far availability and pricing details of the Roma model are unknown.

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