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NVIDIA’s Shield tablet begins shipping out today in the US and Canada

ByinTablets | July 30, 2014

Nvidia ShieldThe NVIDIA Shield gaming tablet was announced just week ago, and now it becomes available for purchase, giving us the chance to witness probably the shortest gap between the product’s official announcement and its shipping date, at least in the case of NVIDIA. The NVIDIA Shield begins shipping out today in the US and Canada with price starting from $299 for the 16GB slate  powered by Tegra K1 processor.

NVIDIA has started shipping Shield tablet

Nvidia Shield tabletAlthough the pre-ordered last week NVIDIA Shield tablets now start the journey to their future users, all those who didn’t pre-order the device can buy it now via NVIDA official online store or  Best Buy. But, if you have planed to do your shopping on Amazon, you will have to wait a little since currently the device has the “temporarily out-of-stock”  status.

Just to refresh your memory, in case you missed the NVIDIA’s official announcement, the slate is hailed the most impressive gaming tablets on the market, and it will definitely meet the tastes and needs of all gaming maniacs with its specs, which include: a massive Tegra K1 processor, 8-inch HD LCD screen with 1920×1200 resolution, 5-megapixel front-facing camera, 2GB RAM, 19.75 Wh Lithium battery and optional 16 GB or 32 GB of built-in storage. When the first mentioned model sports only Wi-Fi, the latter is additionally equipped with LTE connectivity. If the offered built-in storage is still too little for you, you can easily extend it up to even 128 GB through microSD cards.

Speaking of the software, the NVIDIA Shield goes on sale with all the good-known functions, like for instance: cloud game streaming (still in beta version) and local streaming via GameStream, so now you and your gaming tablet can be inseparable friends. Additionally, the new NVIDIA Shield sports TwitchTV streaming, allowing you to stream your gameplay live on TwitchTV, and ShadowPlay for those of you who want to publish their gameplay on websites like YouTube. What’s more the device is launched with several pre-installed games, including Trine 2: The Complete Story.

All these parameters make the tablet have access to the variety of games, that can be purchased via Google Store or NVIDIA itself.

The NVIDIA Shield tablet seems to be a perfect combination of high-tech specs and price. But it is worth mentioning that $299 is the price of the tablet itself, and it will surely go up along with the 32 GB LTE model’s release.  But, if you like to reach the device’s full gaming potential, you will have to invest at least another $100. Since you will definitely want to add some “must haves” like: the wireless controller priced at $60 or the NVIDIA cover for $40. Summing up, we will have to paid $400 for a starting set that doesn’t include cost of the NVIDIA PC graphic card necessary to support streaming.

But, if you are obsessed with gaming, the new Shield is definitely worth any additional dollar you put in it, since the specs make it the best gaming device on the today’s market.

The only Wi-Fi version of the tablet is available in the US, Canada and the UK. And if you are eager to put your hands on it, you have a wide range of purchasing options since the product is on the offering list of almost all electronics retailers. Or perhaps some of you have already received their NVIDIA Shield tablet? If so, share your gaming experiences with us.

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