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NVIDIA Shield tablet press image leaks out exposing front speakers and pretty sizeable display

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Tablets | July 18, 2014

Nvidia Tegra K1NVIDIA made a name for itself in the tablet world after it has delivered the Tegra 2 chip to power the first true Android tablets that ran Honeycomb. The company also made the Tegra 3 processor which is beating inside the Nexus 7 tablet. Finally, there’s the Tegra Note 7 which has been on sale since last year. There is no question that the company is interested in the tablet market but it hasn’t made its own slate so far. However, it may change soon and to prove it we have the NVIDIA Shield tablet press image that have just leaked out.

NVIDIA Shield tablet may arrive with Tegra K1

Nvidia game tabletThe source of the leak is the one and only @evleaks who provided us with a pretty detailed photo of the tablet along with a hint that it will be probably available later this year. The image leaves no room for doubt that the device will come with unorthodox design that brings to mind the mentioned Tegra Note 7 mixed with the HTC One.

From what we see in the picture it’s obvious that the tablet features front speakers, a pretty sizeable display and a user-facing camera tucked into the speaker grill. We may be also looking at metal finish, though it may be just a false impression and in fact, the casing could be made of plastic disguised as aluminum.

As far as specs are concerned, we are still in the dark as the tipster didn’t have any details to share with us. However, rumors regarding the tablet’s specification have been making rounds for a while now, so provided that there’s some truth in them, we may have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

The Shield tablet will probably feature a 7.9 -inch display with 2,048 x 1,536 pixel resolution and most likely is going to be powered by a Tegra K1 processor paired with 2GB of RAM. The device might come with 16GB of internal storage and also seems to be equipped with a 7-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 4.8-megapixel front-facing snapper. The pad will support Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi as well as HDMI-out capabilities and will run on Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Recently NVIDIA confirmed that it’s working hard on a brand new gaming tablet and soon after that a device matching the description of a game controller passed through the FCC. The rumored gaming tablet supposedly would be a worthy competitor to the Valve’s Steam Machines, like the Alienware Alpha. We can’t, however, be 100% sure whether the said tablet and the leaked Shield and one and the same device, mostly because the Shield doesn’t seem to have any physical buttons. The lack of those would be a pretty unusual approach in a gaming tablet, then again NVIDIA might have some other tricks to offer in place of hardware buttons.

Right now the Shield appears to be an interesting upgrade over the Tegra Note 7. The specs are still up in the air, but the design is certainly eye-catching. Hopefully NVIDIA soon will break the silence and keep us informed about their new product.

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