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Nokia to introduce 41MP EOS Windows Phone 8 at New York event on June 11

ByinAnnouncements | June 22, 2013

41 Million ReasonsRumors and speculations about the Nokia EOS have been appearing on and off for the last few months, ever since the last Symbian Nokia 808 PureView was announced. Now it looks like soon they will come to an end. Nokia has just posted the second teaser for its special event and it might as well be an official confirmation of the upcoming phone’s huge sensor. Actually Nokia did not say anything outright, but if you put two and two together, you get a pretty good idea of what is about to come.

Nokia EOS Windows Phone with 41MP Camera

This is how the Nokia Lumia EOS may look like.The first teaser invites us to see more of “Zoom reinvented” and it is rather obvious that the company is going to focus on camera features. The second tease mentions 41 million reasons to follow the event. What else could Nokia be referring to if not 41 million pixels on the sensor of the soon-to-be announced handset. The event itself will take place on June 11 at 11 AM in New York. It will be dreamed live on Nokia’s Conversations website.

In case you are not familiar with technical details, the 41-megapixel EOS sensor would be able to use those extra megapixels as a workable digital zoom. This also brings up the question of a possible Windows Phone 8 update in the near future. The current version of the platform would not be able to support such a high-resolution sensor so we can expect either Microsoft or Nokia to release an update to make Windows Phone 8 cooperate with PureView EOS.

source: Nokia

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