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Nokia may return to the business with a high-end Android smartphone

ByinLeaks & Rumors | November 3, 2014

Nokia LogoNokia is perceived as somewhat of a legend in the mobile industry; however, the last few years have been marked with struggle rather than glory. Financial troubles ended up in the Finnish company being bought by Microsoft. Nokia-branded phones can still be found in stores, but Microsoft’s presence is gradually becoming more visible, for example in changing the most popular lineup’s name to Microsoft Lumia. It looks like Nokia is not ready to give up on making phones, though. The company may return to the business with a high-end Android smartphone.

Nokia allegedly is working on a premium Android smartphone…

Nokia N9According to a report coming our way from China, the Nokia team that developed the N9 is currently working on a brand new device. Unlike the majority of Nokia’s phones, the mysterious handset is said to run on Android. Google’s OS is not new to Nokia phones. The company released Android phones, such as the Nokia X and its successor, but the devices were far from offering exciting specs and features. The rumored handset, on the other hand, is expected to be a flagship phone.

The report is pretty vague and misses on many details such as the name of the device. Microsoft holds the rights to the Nokia name until 2016, so obviously it’s out of the question in the near future. If Nokia indeed is working on a new smartphone, the company will have no choice but to come up with a different name, at least if it plans to launch the device within the next year or so.

The report is also silent on what kind of hardware we can expect. The Nokia X was as low-end as can be these days and wasn’t half as popular as the company hoped it would be. Companies such as Samsung or HTC set the bar for flagship phones pretty high, and if Nokia wants to be successful, it’s phone has to offer something unique – a feature that other phones don’t have. The question is – will Nokia be able to do this by releasing the handset through another manufacturing company, such as Foxconn.

If the rumor is true, will most likely will find out soon. According to Nokia’s latest tweet, something is about to happen on November 17th.

source: MyDrivers

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