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Nokia to announce new messaging phone with physical QWERTY keyboard this Wednesday

ByinAnnouncements | April 22, 2013

Nokia Connecting PeopleThere is something cooking in the Nokia kitchen and it smells like a QWERTY phone. We will be served the new meal on Wednesday morning (April 24) and in the meantime a short announcement appeared at Conversations Nokia along with a photo of two corners of the phone. This short release does not reveal much detail but when combined with our deduction skills it allows to clear the fog around the soon-to-be-announced phone, at least a little. Here is what we came up with after the analysis.

New Nokia QWERTY Keyboard Phone

Nokia New Qwerty Keyboard PhoneFor a starter, Nokia gave an exact hour at which the new phone will be announced, and what’s more, it is in bold meaning that the phone will be significant. Since it reads 7 am GMT, it suggests that the handset may be interest to customers in Europe or / and Asia. Following that path further, we could say that possibly the US is not on the destination list, but that would be pure speculation. What we do know for a fact, thanks to Z and Shift keys pictured in the photo, is that the phone will have a QWERTY keyboard.

However, if you expect a QWERTY Lumia handset, don’t get your hopes up. Everything points to a feature phone rather than a Lumia Windows 8 smartphone. First, the rounded edges bring to mind the design known from Nokia’s latest feature phones. Second, the person responsible for Q&A session after the official announcement will be Neil Broadley from Mobile Phones team. As you may know, that particular team’s area of expertise are feature phones, and they have nothing to do with Lumia lineup. One thing we haven’t figured out yet is the “special guest”. For this one we will have to wait till Wednesday.

source: Nokia

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