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Nokia Lumia EOS Windows Phone with 41MP PureView sensor to come this summer

ByinLeaks & Rumors | February 11, 2013

PureView SensorA month ago, a rumor about Nokia working on a Lumia Windows Phone handset with a spectacular 41 MP sensor swept across the internet. Initially the speculation was that it will have a scaled down version of the PureView Phase 1 sensor found on the 808 PureView, but the 41 MP beast was confirmed by one more reputable source, UK’s The Guardian. The article cites a “sources close to the Finnish handset maker” confirming that the phone, codenamed EOS, will be released in the US for AT&T and possibly Verizon some time during the summer.

Lumia EOS with camera of the 808 PureView

Nokia PureView PhoneThe phone is said to be thin and aluminum-clad, probably with a “bump” on the back to accommodate the huge sensor. Apart from this, there are no details about the Lumia EOS. Typically, Nokia is “flattered by the attention” but refused any comments, so take the news with a grain of salt. A 41 MP sensor in a smartphone certainly deserves a healthy dose of attention so we expect the EOS to make an appearance at WMC in Barcelona this month.

A Nokia Windows Phone with the camera of the 808 PureView would definitely make it one of a kind. The 41MP sensor debuted at WMC last year and was accepted enthusiastically. The aim of the technology is to produce good images in low light and reduce “noise”. The 41 MP sensor will undoubtedly provide a new and unique experience for mobile photography fans.

source: Guardian

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