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Nokia is not dead, may come back to consumer mobile market with a new phone in 2016

ByinLeaks & Rumors | April 20, 2015

Nokia LogoWhen two years ago Microsoft purchased Nokia’s mobile division, the Finnish manufacturer signed a contract which forbade the company to release own-made smartphones until the end of 2015. Now, as the  date is every day closer, Nokia seems to be aiming for its return to the mobile industry business. According to the latest report, the mobile maker has ambitious plans to rejoin consumer mobile market with a new phone in 2016. If you want to learn more about Nokia’s come back, stay with us.

New Nokia smartphone coming in 2016

Nokia SmarphoneAlthough a contract with Microsoft currently prevents Nokia from releasing new smartphones under its brand, the company hasn’t been idling. Just the opposite, the Finnish manufacturer had its hands full while releasing Android-based Z Launcher UI and its very first Android tablet, the Nokia N1. Both devices have been noticed on the market and received pretty good reviews. What’s more just last week Nokia bought French mobile manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 billion, which seems to be another big move in the company’s process of regaining its position in the market.

According to recently published report, Nokia is preparing to introduce a new mobile phone next year, which most probably would hit the market in the Q4 of 2016.

However, even if everything goes according to Nokia’s plans, we shouldn’t except that the company will build a huge manufacturing operation on their own. Instead, it is highly probable that Nokia will be selling its brand and design ideas to third-party companies which will take care of production and distribution. Just like they did with the already mentioned Nokia N1 while involving Foxconn to production part.

Such a strategy seems likely to gain success, for instance similar approach helped Kodak and Polaroid to emerge from bankruptcy. On the other hand licensing the brand to other companies also leaves the product and its potential success, of course, out of the Nokia’s control.

At this point Nokia keeps silence about any details regarding its come back to the though mobile business. It’s also pretty doubtful whether we will be able to see Nokia-branded smartphones hitting the US market, since the N1 tablet isn’t even expected to get on sale at this part of the globe.

source: Recode

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