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Nokia Android phone in works aka Nokia Normandy, may hit the market some time in 2014

ByinLeaks & Rumors | December 12, 2013

NokiaNokia has been associated with Windows Phone platform since the company made friends with Microsoft. It does not mean, though, that other options are out of the question. After Symbian was laid to rest it was rumored that Nokia might give Android a try but this is not what happened. The company’s unsuccessful attempt at leveraging the Linux-based Meego platform inspired a new wave of speculations about Android-powered Nokia phones. However, this time they failed to materialize too.

Nokia Normandy Android Phone

Nokia NormandyNow, out of the blue, we find out that the Finnish company is preparing to launch an Android phone. And we are not talking about vague plans for undetermined future. The phone, which goes by many names one of which is Nokia Normandy, is allegedly almost ready for consumer release and might hit the market some time in 2014. This is an interesting bit of information to learn on the eve of Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia.

Actually, you might have come across a photo of the Nokia Normandy without even knowing it. The image of the phone was tweeted by @evleaks a month or so ago, however, at that time no one knew that it would rock Android OS. The device looks Lumia-ish with no apparent capacitive buttons for navigation or front-facing camera.

There are still many more questions than answers regarding the Nokia Normandy. What we know, or we think we know, is that the platform will be forked and heavily customized to a point that it might not look like Android at all. Nokia’s version of Android will still support Android apps, though. Unless Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia gets in the way of the Nokia Normandy launch, the phone might deliver interesting experience.

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