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Nokia 105 is a cheap basic phone in a candy bar form that costs only $20

ByinAnnouncements | June 4, 2015

New Nokia 105
In the mobile market dominated by smartphones there are still users who prefer simple, basic phones over the high-tech and pricey smartphones. Being aware of this Microsoft releases a new cheap phone sporting several essential features. Closed in a candy bar form factor the Nokia 105 is an extremely budget-friendly offering priced at mere $20 without any long term contracts.

Nokia 105 basic phone for cheap

Nokia 105
Since Microsoft merged the Nokia’s Devices and Services division, they have been focusing on delivering affordable Windows Phone devices targeting at emerging markets all over the world. However, the Redmond company doesn’t forget about all those of you who love the Nokia’s solid candy bar form and launches the second generation of the Nokia 105.

Being a follow-up to the phone of the same name released in 2013, the new Nokia 105 comes with few improvements over its previous generation. Its candy bar body case got a more streamlined shape with rounded edges which makes it feel in hand more comfortable. What’s more this time its potential users will be able to choose among three color options: traditional black and white and more exotic cyan.

Moving on to the Nokia 105’s specs side, the phone’s biggest advantage is definitely its replaceable 800 mAh battery that is said to deliver up to 15 hours of talk time and 35 days on standby mode without charging. Of course, it sounds ridiculous to call an 800 mAh battery powerful, but when we consider how little power consumes the phone’s hardware the battery life figures look really impressive even when compared with the latest flagships.

Going further, the phone also features a space for 2,000 contacts, which along with its pretty impressive battery life makes the handset a perfect option for all those of you who love to spend long hours chatting with your family and friends. Other features include a 1.45-inch LCD screen, flashlight, FM radio and a Series 30 platform. The Nokia 105’s features are surely far from today’s standards, but what can we except from a phone for 20 bucks?

Though its functionality is rather strictly limited, the new Nokia 105 will surely find masses of staunch users among people who are searching for a phone serving essential communication task. Perhaps it will even manage to repeat the great success of its predecessor, which sales reportedly reaches about 100 units per minute, showing that even such an extremely affordable offerings can generate a serious income.

As for availability and pricing, the Nokia 105 is expected to hit selected markets in June labeled with a price tag of $20. The handset will be also available in a dual SIM variant.

source: Microsoft

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