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News Corp. presents Amplify tablet for teachers and students to use in schools

ByinTablets | March 9, 2013

Tablets for SchoolsWe first heard about the Amlify tablet last year when the manufacturer, News Corp, started working on a project to bring tablets to schools. Since July the company has been cooperating with AT&T and testing the tablets in classrooms. Apparently the results of the tests are promising, since the device is now ready to launch beginning with middle schools. The tablet was officially presented today at an SXSWedu event led by Joel Klein, News Corp. executive vice president, former chancellor of New York City’s public school system, and an ardent supporter of tech-savvy classrooms.

Amplify tablet to bring innovation to classrooms.

Amplify TabletsRelying on “blended learning” which is a combination of tech and traditional teaching methods, the tablet will certainly bring innovation to classrooms. The device is pre-loaded with apps and training materials designed to facilitate learning created and approved by teachers. The UI is clean, modern and simple and resembles Google’s Holo with action overflow buttons, the sharing menu and solid blocks of color-coded material. The “notebooks” provide quick access to different subjects for students, but they also give teachers direct links to materials for their classes, categorized not just by subject, but also by period.

The Wi-Fi only version will cost $299 and requires a two-year subscription at $99 a year. The price of the higher-end Amplify Tablet Plus with LTE support was set at $349 with a two-year $179 annual subscription. Multiplied by number of students, the costs would amount to a huge sum, but Amplify says schools should be able to finance this purchase through the Education Department’s Race to the Top grant program.

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