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New T-Mobile Pixel deal refunds 50% off the purchase of the phone

ByinSales & Special Offers | October 28, 2016

Google Pixel smartphone can be used on T-Mobile's network
Earlier this month Google announced a brand new Pixel lineup of newest Android smartphones. The devices appear awesome, but what might be putting off some of the potential users is the fact that Pixels will be exclusive on Verizon network. This, however, doesn’t mean that other carriers’ subscribers can’t enjoy Google’s latest offering. In fact, there might be lots of magenta-colored joy in the air, since T-Mobile’s new Pixel deal refunds 50% off the purchase of the phone.

Google Pixel smartphone can be used on T-Mobile’s network and you can buy the phone for as low as $345.

T-Mobile Pixel deal refunds 50% off the purchase
Wondering if Verizon and Google suddenly changed their mind about exclusivity? Well, that’s not what happened. If you want to buy the Pixel directly from a carrier then Verizon is still the only one offering the device. There are, however, other places where you can grab the phone, for instance online Google Store which is selling the Pixel unlocked ready for activation on any GSM network. You can then bring it to a carrier of your choice and if you opt for T-Mobile you will get a pretty nice surprise – starting today, the Magenta network will give you back up to 50% of the price of the handset which normally costs $649.

The discount will arrive in the form of $13.55 credit applied to your monthly bill for 24 months. This will add up to a total of $325 which is exactly half the price of the basic Pixel with 32GB of storage. Keep in mind, though, that the discount is the same regardless of which model of the Pixel you choose. It means that the variant with 128GB of internal memory will ultimately cost you $425, while the 32GB and 128GB Pixel XL will in the end set you back $445 and $545, respectively.

There is also one condition if you want to take advantage of the deal – you have to sign up for T-Mobile One. T-Mobile One is a fairly typical plan with unlimited talk, text and data, but what makes it different from other plans is that it downgrades video resolution to 480p (unless you sign up for T-Mobile One Plus or purchase an HD Day Pass for $3 per day) and throttles tethering to 512kbps. Moreover, top 3% of data users on the T-Mobile network who use more than 26GB of data per month may experience reduced data speed at certain times.

All in all, it’s a pretty great promotion if you are in the market for a non-Verizon Pixel and are willing to make a little sacrifice in the form of lower resolution video and slower tethering.

source: T-Mobile

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