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New Moto X wooden backs at cheaper price coming to Moto Maker store this Tuesday

ByinAnnouncements | January 18, 2014

Moto X Natural PlatesMotorola promised wooden backs for its Moto X flagship phone a while ago. The first of the set, Bamboo, finally made it to the Moto Maker website last month. And what an entrance it was with that hefty $100 price tag. Soon you will have more options to choose from, as the rest of the collection is about to be ready for sale. Motorola announced that Walnut, Teak and Ebony cases will be available starting on January 21st, which is this Tuesday.

New Wooden Backs and New Price

Moto X Ebony FinishThe natural backs are also much cheaper than the Bamboo was at launch. This is great news, since the $100 was quite a lot of money even for such premium material as Bamboo. Now, each wooden case, including bamboo, will cost you only $25. Apparently, Motorola was able to lower the costs of production of the wooden backs and consequently dropped the price to a much more wallet-friendly level.

If you were determined enough to get the Moto X with bamboo back before new prices came into effect, you have no reason to feel disappointed. Motorola will give you a $75 credit to make sure all customers pay the same price for the wooden backs. The credit will arrive in the form of a coupon code which you will be able to use for purchase of various accessories. Unfortunately, Chromecast is not included in the deal.

The Moto X is a pretty awesome offering itself, but the natural backs make it look even more stylish. Order two units and each will look different thanks to each piece of wood having its own unique pattern.

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