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New iPad Air 2 caught on camera; slimmer design and Touch ID sensor in tow

ByinTablets | July 6, 2014

iPad Air Two next to iPad Air OneRumors and leaks regarding the iPhone 6 have been popping up like crazy in recent days, but the smartphone isn’t the only device that Apple is working on. Within the next few weeks (or months) we should also see the successor of the iPad Air to go official. However, until the Cupertino company goes public with the iPad Air 2 we have a new set of images to enjoy that show the tablet caught on camera and reveal slimmer design and Touch ID sensor in tow.

iPad Air 2 pictured against its predecessor

iPad Air 2 in handThe latest batch of photos comes from Japanese website ASCII Plus and presents a dummy of the upcoming iPad Air 2 side by side with the iPad Air. The most noticeable difference between these two tablets is the presence of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the place of the home button on the current model. The Touch ID button has been rumored for the iPad Air 2 for a while now, so the fact that it appears on the dummy device is not surprising at all. In fact, reiteration of this particular piece of information makes it more reliable.

A photo of both devices placed close to one another reveals that the iPad Air 2 will be slightly thinner than the current model. We can’t tell with 100% certainly by how much, but a little over 1 mm seems about right. Another difference between the slates is the lack of the lock switch on the Air 2 which is supposedly a result of Apple wanting to reduce the number of physical buttons on its next-generation iPad. For this reason, the portrait / landscape switch allegedly will be replaced by additional function in the notification center. Also, the volume buttons are level with the case rather than protruding and the rear camera seems to be located closer to the edge.

Other than that, the new iPad Air 2 looks very similar to its predecessor. Both tablets appear to be the same size which screens identical in terms of dimensions as well as resolution. If you are now thinking that you may be able to save a few bucks on the flip cover, that might not be the case, since due to a different placement of the camera and physical buttons, the old cover most likely won’t be compatible with the new iPad Air 2.

iPad Air 2 vs Air 1

iPad Air 2 vs. its predecessor

source: ASCII

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