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Need unlocked iPhone 5? Head to Verizon that sells Global Ready iPhone 5 CDMA & GSM

ByinNew Phones | September 25, 2012

Unlocked iPhone 5 Global Ready | Cheap PhonesWith the Apple iPhone 5 being the hottest phone recently launched, there is so much talk about it that at times it can be really difficult to tell the difference between a fact and a gossip. Today we have another good news for you and the information is officially confirmed.

The Verizon version of the iPhone 5 comes unlocked, which means that you will be able to use the phone with a SIM card from any other GSM carrier, such as T-Mobile or AT&T. As to whether the iPhone 5 will be locked in the future the way it happened to Sprint iPhone 4S last year, Verizon denied the rumors and promised that iPhone 5 will remain unlocked.

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iPhone 5 GSM CDMAA GSM unlocked iPhone 5 comes with many advantages. To begin with, the feature is a major plus for those who travel a lot. You can take your phone with you and be sure it will work abroad without problems. Moreover, the fact that you are not tied down by a contract allows you to change carrier and choose the one that charges less for the service. It is a great opportunity to reduce your monthly bills and save some money. Besides it is much easier to sell, since your buyer does not have to be on the same carrier.

The decision to keep the iPhone 5 unlocked may increase the sales from Verizon, especially since AT&T unlocks the phones that are off-contract and Sprint will unlock your iPhone 5 for international use once you have been in good standing for 3 months.

There is one catch here, though. If you expect high 4G LTE speeds, the only way you can achieve them is on Verizon’s network. Second best option is AT&T’s 4G HSPA+ network, which though slower than LTE, is still rather impressive and satisfying for most people.

The iPhone 5 is another Global Ready (World Edition) smartphone, which means that you have voice service and access to the internet and email in other countries as well. The iPhone 5 accepts NanoSIM cards and there is no need to cut down your MicroSIM card, since a MicroSIM to NanoSIM converter works just fine and it can be purchased online.

As a conclusion, here is a quick reminder of the newest Apple iPhone 5 specs and features. The phone sports a brilliant 4.3-inch Retina display and is powered by A6 chip. It runs iOS6, which is world’s most advanced mobile operating system and provides access to Apple services, like iCloud. The iPhone 5 is equipped with iSight camera and is pre-loaded with useful apps and tools, for example Siri, which will turn your phone into a personal assistant, AirPlay, which will stream content from your iPhone to Apple TV, and AirPrint, thankt to which you will be able to wirelessly print documents, photos and ebooks from your phone.

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