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Need a Verizon Phone with QWERTY Keyboard That Does Not Requre Data Plan? What About Motorola Rival?

ByinNew Arrivals | April 19, 2012

Verizon Phone with QWERTY Keyboard That Does Not Requre Data PlanIf you trying to avoid mandatory data plan for Verizon Wireless there is no other solution than staying away from smartphones and getting a regular phones. But don’t be worry.

If you need a phone with physical QWERTY keyboard for convenient and fast texting, you have still a lot of choices left. Verizon Wireless has plenty phones considered as non-smartphones, which feature full QWERTY keyboard and does not require purchasing data plan. For instance, Motorola Rival A455.

Why we like the Motorola Rival A455? Because it can be yours today for less than $40, with free shipping, no contract and no obligation to purchase data plan service.

Learn more about Motorola Rival A455:

The Motorola Rival A455 for Verizon Wireless (or prepaid Page Plus) is an affordable, messaging-centric phone with style. With one-touch access to your favorite applications, a partial touchscreen and a slide-out, back lit QWERTY keyboard, it is fast and easy to send messages, IMs and emails.

The 2.0 megapixel camera/ camcorder is great for snapping photos and recording videos to share with friends and family with video and picture messaging, when words aren’t enough.

The Motorola Rival also has safe, hands-free options including Bluetooth, speakerphone and voice commands. The feature-packed Motorola Rival has the latest technology and hottest applications to make your friends jealous: V CAST Music with Rhapsody, V CAST Videos, mobile web, expandable memory, a music player, and more.

Deal on Motorola Rival A455:

We have spotted Today brand new Motorola Rival available today at $39.99 without contract. If you are in the middle of contract, and need a featured phone at low price and no contrac, the deal for Motorola Rival seems to be one of the best solutions. If you are on the budget you can get the Motorola Rival even cheaper – less than $30, if you decide to buy a pre-owned handset.

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One Response to “Need a Verizon Phone with QWERTY Keyboard That Does Not Requre Data Plan? What About Motorola Rival?”

  1. seriously people, the rival is the absolute WORST phone a person could possibly get it. the touch parts of the screen tweak out when youre trying to use it and the keyboard is very flimsy. if youre looking for a texting phone without a data plan go with something like the env3 or env touch or lg cosmos. if you get the rival, i promise you will be disappointed. i had it for two years. had it fixed at least 4 times and finally it snapped in half. and the tweaking out touch screen thing is seriously annoying when youre trying to do something.

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