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Motorola’s teaser hints two new smartphones in the company’s playbook

ByinLeaks & Rumors | August 20, 2014

MotorolaSeptember appears to be a very busy month for the mobile industry. In case you don’t remember, we’re waiting for the IFA to unveil several new devices and the premiere of the long-anticipated iPhone 6 is also scheduled for September. Now, it looks like Motorola is going to join the list of companies wanting to attract your attention the following month, with its teaser on launching two more phones Moto G2 and Moto X+1 smartphones. What’s more, the mentioned smartphones are only two of four announced premieres.

Motorola to intro four new products including two smartphones

MotorolaMotorola has published on the teaser site NewFromMoto an invitation announcing the premiere of its four new products. The teaser has a form of a paper fortune teller children’s game with icons symbolizing the upcoming devices. We have two pics looking like smartphones, one standing for a smartwatch which in this case doubtlessly is the long- rumored Moto 360, and one representing something which looks like another Bluetooth headset. The premiere is planned to take place at September 4 in Motorola conference in Chicago. So, we can see new Motorola’s smartphones exactly five days before the Apple’s iPhone 6, which will debut on September 9. Tricky marketing policy, don’t you think?

We can be pretty certain that the teaser concerns release of the second generation of the user-friendly Moto X (which official name will probably be the Moto X+1) and the mid-range Moto G (which probably goes on sale under the name: Moto G2). Both devices are reportedly said to hit the market respectively on September 25 and September 9.

Going further in our assumptions, the rumored Moto X+1 is supposedly to sport a 5.2-inch 1080p display and to be powered by 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 processor combined with 2 GB RAM. The smartphone will also house 12MP rear camera with an additional 5MP front shooter, 32 GB of built-in storage, microSD slot and 2,900 mAh battery. It will also support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity and run the Android 4.4.4.

In comparison, the budget-friendly Moto G2 will be equipped with a 5-inch display, which is a half inch improvement in reference to its 4.5-inch predecessor, the Snapdragon 400 processor and only 1GB RAM. Well, as you can see the specs don’t belong to impressive, but as it is to be a budget-minded slate, we can’t expect too much.

And the last but not least, the Moto 360’s debut which was originally announced in March with its premiere date scheduled to unspecified date during the 2014 summer, will now be officially unveiled. This is at least what we expect, drawing conclusions from the invitation.

The Moto 360 is probably the most fervently awaited smartwatch of the 2014.  Due to its classic design embracing the quite innovative round face, combined with pretty awesome tech-spec it is definitely a smart timepiece most of us want to put our hand on. The new Moto 360 smartwatch will be the first round watch running the Android Wear platform (just to remind you, other Android Wear smartwatches like LG G Watch or Samsung Gear have square bodies). So, everyone wants to know how the system will work on the round display, and how the UI design will look like.

Why have Motorola introduced the round face to smartwatches? Well, they surely want to do something unprecedented to attract our attention and increase profits, but according to the manufacturer, the round form factor has been created in order to commemorate the over 100 year old tradition of wristwatches.

The fourth device from the teaser is something of an enigma, but judging by the pics it must be something like the new Bluetooth headset, or maybe the company will surprise us with some sort of a completely unknown so far technology. We will see on September 4, whether our assumptions are correct. And to tell you the truth, Motorola have to try really hard when organizing the event if they don’t want to be overshadowed by the Apple’s iPhone 6 unveiling.

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