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Motorola X Phone may arrive to Verizon Wireless as XFON XT1060

ByinLeaks & Rumors | May 23, 2013

Motorola XFONEIt is an open secret that the Motorola XT1058, also known as the XFON, is nearing its launch date on AT&T. The phone appeared in benchmarks and FCC filing pointing to AT&T as designated carrier. We have also seen photos of the XFON sporting AT&T logo. Until recently we were led to believe that the device will be exclusive to AT&T. Now a ray of hope appeared for customers on other carriers including Verizon.

XFON XT1060 may be the X Phone for Verizon

Motorola XT1058Folks at Droid Life got their hands on “an .ini file pulled from leaked Motorola USB drivers” which suggest that the Motorola XT1058 may have a sibling – the XT1060. There is a striking resemblance in the model numbers, so it would be only logical to assume that both phones are closely related.

The file gives out also another detail. The handset’s chipset is labeled MSM8960CDMA, that is a Snapdragon 4 Pro dual-core, which also hints at another variant of the AT&T XFON. Other details are scarce, but we are certainly hoping for something along the lines of a 1.7 GHz chip with the Adreno 320 GPU.

Both, the XT1058 and XT1060 are still unannounced phones at this moment but we are seeing more and more evidence that it may change soon. Whether the devices will be similarly spec’d or will feature notable difference, it yet remains to be seen. Either way it would be a treat to see an XFON, believed to be Google X Phone, land on Verizon or maybe even Sprint.

Here is a clip from the .ini file:

This is for RSD app to create correct phone model class
WIFI = f100,mz604,xoom,mz615,mz615-16,mz615-32,mz615-64,mz607,mz607-16,mz607-32,mz602
STEUMTS = mb865,me865
MSM6X55UMTS = mb632,xt605,xt626,xt621
MSM6X55CDMA = xt603
MSM8960CDMA = xt926,xt897,xt907,xt901,xt1060
MSM8960UMTS = mb886,xt923,xt925,xt905,201m,xt1058
IMC6260UMTS = xt890

source: Droid Life

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