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Motorola unveils ‘Project Ara’, will bring first modular phone to live in a few months

ByinAnnouncements | October 29, 2013

Assembled Motorola Module PhoneJust when you think you have seen it all, someone out there has another crazy idea and again you begin to wonder where the boundaries of technology are. It looks like this time it is Motorola that is trying to push the limit a bit further. The company has announced its latest initiative called Project Ara, that is centered around building modular phones. It basically means that you would be able to assemble your own phone according to your preferences.

Project Ara Modular Phone Concept

Motorola Ara Module PhoneTo accomplish the task, Motorola teamed up with folks behind Phonebloks. The idea is to make a phone that would consist of interchangeable elements. Attached to an endoskeleton, the modules would be easy to swap by the user. This unique design would come with many advantage. To begin with, you would not need to buy a new phone if only one component did not work properly or did not fit your needs.

Moreover, each user would be able to have a phone exactly the way he wants it. For example, dreaming of a high-resolution camera? Here it is. Want more battery life? Swap the camera module for additional battery. You need a faster processor? Get a module with newer chip, and so on.

Project AraThe idea may seem mind-boggling, but Motorola has already set the process in motion. The company has revealed that the initiative will be developed in the open and module developers will get hold of the Ara platform in a few months. There is still a long way ahead of the Project Ara, obviously, with many challenges to overcome, but Motorola’s confidence is certainly inspiring.

We can’t wait to see what will come out of the project.

source: Motorola

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