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Motorola lowered price on 16GB Moto X without contract to $399 and 32GB version to $449

ByinPhones Without Contract, Sales & Special Offers | January 3, 2014

Moto X Sale 2014Even though the Moto X has been on the market since August, the demand for the phone at discounted price is still strong for on-contract as well as unlocked versions. The best proof of that was Cyber Monday promotion when interest in the Moto X exceeded the capabilities of the Moto Maker website. As a result, the site suffered a major crash and the promotion had to be rescheduled in December.

Deal on Moto X Unlocked Android Smartphone

Moto XIf for some reason you were unable to get the Moto X at promotional price in November and December, now you have another chance. Motorola decided to begin new year with a bang and dropped the off-contract price of the Moto X to $399. This price applies to the 16 GB model. If you are in need of more storage, the 32 GB version will set you back $449. The good news are that for the same price you can also get a Developer Edition. The Moto X is unlocked and works perfectly with all GSM carriers, such as AT&T or T-Mobileso you can take your pick.

Unfortunately, the Bamboo back plate is not included in the deal, meaning that if you want your Moto X to be even more unique, you will have to fork out $100 extra. With the Bamboo back or without, the Moto X is one of the top phones currently available on the market. Interestingly, what makes the Moto X so attractive is not hardware but features such as Touchless Control and Active Display combined with the advantages of Android stock.

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