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Motorola launches Moto 360 with black and limited grey leather strap, premium edition with metal bands coming soon

ByinSmartwatches | September 7, 2014

Moto 360Motorola’s highly anticipated smart timepiece, the Moto 360, finally hits the market. We’ve been discussing the device so many times, that no one expected that the manufacturer is able to surprise us with something we don’t know. But somehow Motorola managed to do it with launching the Moto 360 with two different leather straps for based price of $249.99, the premium edition with metal bands is said to be available later this fall.

Moto 360 smartwatch goes on sale

Moto 360As it turned out all the speculations and leaks concerning the Moto 360 appear to be true. The new smart timepiece can be customized according to its future users needs and tastes. The basic version of the watch goes on sale with genuine leather straps. You may choose between two version of removable wristbands made of Horween leather, traditional black and limited grey coming with suede finish.

But if you’re interested in the premium edition of the watch that goes with metal wristband, you will have to wait a little longer. The stainless steel premium version of the having 1.56-inch display Moto 360 is reportedly said to be available this fall. But it should be mentioned that when the standard option with leather strap cost $249.99, the premium one is reported to cost $299.99.

Don’t worry if you can wait to put your grabs on the gadget, but you still want it to have a metal strap, you can buy it now and change the strap later. Since the straps use a standard watch pin, they are easily removable. The stainless steel strap can be bought separately later on for $79.99.  So, you will have to pay $29 more when wanting to upgrade to standard leather version with metal wristband than when buying the premium version later. Additionally, you will be also able to buy a leather strap for $29.99

Apart of the variety of wristband that can be changed according to the user’s tastes, the Moto 360 goes with voice activation, hear rate monitor and wireless charging.

The Moto 360 is offered by Best Buy and Google Store. You can also buy it straight from the manufacturer via the Motorola’s online store. But the price remains the same no matter what color you will pick or where you will purchase the smartwatch . Although Motorola is boasting about the global launch of the Moto 360 as for now the gadget is available only on the US market.

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