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Motorola launched site for its DROID Ultra Android smartphone

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 3, 2013

Motorola DroidMotorola and Verizon will work together to release a new line of phones called DROID Ultra. That much what we know thanks to @evleaks’ report from last week. As far as the actual device is concerned, we know about it close to nothing, except for the fact that the work is in progress. Motorola launched a site for its DROID Ultra Android smartphone, however, it helps us very little. The site seems to confirm that such device indeed exists, but gives us few details.

Motorola Droid Ultra to be even thinner

Droid Ultra Think ThinMotorola says that the phone will be available “in a bunch of glossy colors”. The DROID Ultra will also have a DuPont Kevlar body, so it will be one of the heavy-duty offerings. Even though the phone will feature super tough case, Motorola claims it will be “even thinner”. This is about as much as we can tell you about the upcoming phone.

The site contains a full list of specs, but we would not get too excited. All of these details are identical to the Motorola DROID RAZR M, and it is definitely not what we would expect of the DROID Ultra. We are not sure exactly why Motorola did this. Possibly just to fill in the space. However, the motives are not important at the moment. What counts is that the phone is on its way and the manufacturer itself has confirmed it.

source: Motorola

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