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Motorola Cyber Monday Sale: Moto X Phone $150 off regular price, starting at $349 without contract

ByinPhones Without Contract, Sales & Special Offers | November 28, 2013

Moto XBlack Friday is undoubtedly the happiest day of the year for most retailers, thanks to huge crowds of customers visiting stores. Speaking of crowds, this is obviously a downside of this otherwise cheerful day. Fret not, though. Even if you miss out on Black Friday sales because all this pushing, long lines and impatient folks breathing down your neck, another big even is just around the corner. December 2nd is Cyber Monday – the happiest day for those customers who prefer to shop online sitting comfortably on their couches.

Motorola Cyber Monday Sale

Motorola SaleNow is a great time to start announcing Cyber Monday deals and Motorola just did so. The company has a special offer for users interested in grabbing its 2013 flagship device, the Moto X in off-contract flavor.

On Monday and Monday only, all variants of the Moto X will be available for $150 off their regular price. This includes customizable versions for all carriers as well as Developer Edition units, so take your pick. Your choices are almost unlimited, supplies will be limited, though.

Now to the most important detail, that is pricing. The math is pretty simple. Since the 16 GB model of the Moto X costs $499.99, Cyber Monday deal will bring the price down to $349.99. The 32 GB version obviously will be priced higher and you can expect it to cost $399.99.

Unsurprisingly, Developer Edition models will be the most expensive of all waiting for you with a $399.99 price tag after Cyber Monday $150 discount. Since it is the US-made Moto X we are talking about, it is very unlikely that the deal will be available elsewhere.

source: Motorola Google+

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