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Motorola launches Moto X ‘Try Before Buy’ offer and adds Moto X 64GB version

ByinSales & Special Offers | June 8, 2014

Moto X Try Then BuyWhen smartphone makers want to push their new device, they focus on its strongest points. That’s why press releases are full of big words like quad-core, resolution, aperture, pixel density, GPU, etc. While experts thrive on such terms, for an average not-so-well-oriented user they are little more than sophisticated gibberish that says nothing about actual performance of the phone. In other words, you don’t know what to expect of the handset. Motorola’s “Try Before Buy” offer might be a solution to the problem. The company also added a 64GB version of the Moto X to its roster.

Moto X ‘Try Before Buy’ Promotion

Moto XThe promotion might easily be one of the best offers Motorola has had for the Moto X so far. It will be appreciated especially by those users who are unfamiliar with technical terminology and as a result tend to base their choices on design rather than hardware. To help you decide whether the Moto X is the right device for you, Motorola will let you try out the phones for yourself at no cost as a part of its “Try Before Buy” deal.

All you have to do is just order a customized Moto X through the Moto Maker website. Motorola will charge you one penny and ship the phone to you. You will then have two weeks to test it and decide whether you want to keep it or not. There is absolutely no catch here. If you like the Moto X, after those two weeks you will have to pay its full price. However, if you think that you would be better off with a different phone, you can simply sent the Moto X back and that’s it.

If you feel like you might want to take the Moto X for a test drive, you’d better hurry up since the promotion lasts for only one day – June 9th and while supplies last. Moreover, you get a promo code for $39 off on Motorola accessories.

It’s worth to admit that Motorola has also released the Moto X with 64GB of storage on board. The phone has been rumored for months already and we are glad that it finally is official. The 64GB Moto X costs $449.99 which is just $100 more than the 16GB model. With “Try Before Buy” deal, you can try the phone for a one cent.

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