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Moto X Phone to be “the first smartphone you can design yourself”, coming soon

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 3, 2013

Motorola AdThe day that the much talked about Moto X will finally grace us with its presence is approaching. Motorola itself says it in the very first ad for the phone. The full page ad appeared today (July 3) in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. The timing and references to the 4th of July are certainly not coincidental. Motorola is obviously very proud of having designed, engineered and assembled the device on the US soil.

Motorola X Phone ‘coming soon’

Moto X AnnouncementThat the Moto X would be a thoroughly domestic product is not the most important detail of the ad. That much we already knew. The second paragraph is far more interesting as it claims that the Moto X will be “the first smartphone you can design yourself.” It clearly hints at customizable hardware, the question remains – to what extent?

The phone will come in more than 20 colors but we are pretty sure that it is not what Motorola is referring to. Other options could include customizable screen size, material, processor, storage capacity, or RAM. However, chances of finding out which of these, if any, is true before the phone is officially announced are rather slim.

And here we come to another question – when will we see the Moto X? The ad says it is “coming soon” but does not mention any dates. If you squint a bit and use your imaginations, the two folks pictured in the ad appear to form the number XI which is the roman numeral for 11. Since Google is famous for playing with numbers, we could be looking at July 11 as possible announcement date. Or we could be entirely wrong and there is no hidden message in the ad.

source: AdAge

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