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Moto X Phone to be officially announced on August 1st in New York

ByinAnnouncements | July 20, 2013

Motorola GoogleIt is unimaginably hard to not want the Moto X phone, simply because good press reports are hard to come by, the PR backing the Moto X sell the phone more than the phone sells itself. This is normally the case, as we are prone to be drawn towards attraction, great press reports capitalize off of flashy word play, excitement, and it was a simple line-hook-sinker! When the announcement for the Moto X hit the world? August 1st in New York, will be the day.

Motorola is coming brand new and in big bulk…

Moto X New YorkAnnouncements that mentioned “the invite filled with hipsters shows the black and white color” nailed it on that demographic. It is true, we like to be around people we can relate to and that share the same interests as us. Another great factor isn’t the actually release announcement; it is the gossip leading up to it. The question we are left with are, is it true, is it not, will the phone meet its hype. We’ll find out, and very soon.

Motorola will share the information in 5 different sections and unlike competitors, Apple and Samsung, they are aiming to make the event less extravagant, almost to say, it’s been sold to you guys already, we know the chatter about the phone has gotten you to be eager enough without a circus act. Possibly true or polar opposite incorrect, we’ll see. Many announcements like this do take a lot of time, presentation, and entertainment to really capture an audience’s attention—as long as there is minimal, they should be fine.

The essence of the stirring anticipation is in the fact that the Moto X by Motorola Mobile will be the first smartphone assembled in the USA, how great is that? When we hardly assemble anything here, I guess take-out assembly has always been easier than home cooked meals. But nothing taste better than a home cooked assembly.

The phone won’t be a limited edition either; Motorola is coming brand new and in big bulk to really deliver innovation to everyone seeking to give it a try. As far as why designing and engineering the phone so close to home, it’s due to supervision over the supply chain, meeting purchasing trends and demands at a speedily pace and to make change in the way things are being done. I humbly respect Motorola for the step, and that also makes me want to go out and purchase this phone, it has history behind it, patience, elaboration, and great supports to promote it. I say why not.

source: @inafried

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