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Moto X phone customizable feature will include color, engravings and wallpaper of your choice

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 5, 2013

Motorola If you still pondering over yesterday’s ads teasing the arrival of the customizable Moto X, we have some news that will clarify a few issues. The news comes via ABC News and gives out a few details about the degree of customization of the phone. Assuming that the claim is true, some of you may feel a tad disappointed. Motorola touts the Moto X as being the “first smartphone that you can design yourself”, however, the personalization will not include hardware, which is what many users hoped for.

Moto X Phone – Customizable Options

Moto X Coming SoonIn fact the only customizable feature will be color, engravings and wallpaper. You will be able to choose the color of the back panel out of a wide range of hues, as well as the color of the trim around the edges of the phone. Also, Motorola will engrave your Moto X with your name or any message you wish as long as it includes only text. Finally, you will receive your handset with a wallpaper of your choosing. This is something most users are perfectly capable of doing themselves, but obviously Motorola wants to make it easy for you.

The customization will be accomplished through a web store interface on Motorola’s site. For the time being, the company launched a an email registration page on its site where you can leave your email address for Motorola to keep you posted about the Moto X. The page does not contain any new information, however once again emphasizes that the phone will be manufactured domestically.

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