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Motorola launches Moto Maker suited for Moto 360 smartwatch starting next month

ByinSmartwatches | February 27, 2015

Moto 360 Moto MakerBored with all the almost identically looking smartwatches and want something exceptional? Well, Motorola has a good news for you. So far available exclusively for smartphones the Moto Maker customization platform will soon cover the company’s wearable devices. Next month Motorola launches a Moto Maker suited for the Moto 360 that will let users to customize the watch according to their tastes and create a very-own unique version of the watch.

Customizable Moto 360 coming soon…

Moto Maker custom bandsMotorola has planned to extend Moto Maker service for smartwatches ever since they started working on Moto 360. As you may guess, the platform will allow you to customize the watch the way you want it to look like. However, don’t get too excited since it won’t offer full customization as in the case of the Moto X smartphones. Though the Moto Maker offers a wide range of customization options applicable to the Moto X, in case of the Moto 360 things are going to be much simpler.

The Moto Maker platform for Moto 360 will consist of three main sections: casing, band and face. First of all you will choose a type of a casing, including Dark (Black), Light (Silver) and Champagne Gold. The latter option will cost you extra $30.

Moving on to the next step. Bands are available in two sizes and two types of material. You can pick between leather or stainless steel, both available in two sizes. Naturally, you will need to pay more if you opt in for the metal band option. Finally, after having chosen a proper casing and a wristband, you will be asked to select one of the eleven available watch faces, which will be displayed on the device when you turn it on.

Sadly, other than strictly visual, aesthetic options, the customizable Moto 360 will still remain much the same device when it comes to hardware and features. What means that if you weren’t interested in purchasing the device before, the Moto Maker function won’t be stimulus strong enough to force you to change your mind. Unless you need a smaller band or a combination of already available design options you can’t find in stores.

source: Wired

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