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Moto Maker coming to Best Buy stores soon, slashes prices on Moto X for AT&T to $99

ByinSales & Special Offers | October 26, 2013

Moto X starting at $99One of the Moto X key features is that you can customize the phone according to your preferences. This is done through the Moto Maker website where you can choose the color of the backplate and the rim separately, decide on personal engraving on the back and upload a wallpaper of your choosing. The feature, however, is exclusive to AT&T carrier, at least for the time being. While the standard Moto X has seen price cuts on Best Buy and Amazon, the AT&T customizable version was priced at $199.99.

Deal on Customizable Moto X via Moto Maker

Best Buy Moto MakerNoticed the past tense? That is because now the phone has a new and more attractive price. If you order the Moto X for AT&T through the Moto Maker web site, it will set you back just $99.99. The requirement of a new two-year contract stays in effect, obviously.

In addition to a discounted price, you will also get a free Motorola Skip. The Motorola Skip is a nifty gadget that will unlock your phone with nothing more than one touch to the Skip. The device regular price of the device is $19.99.

There is more good news regarding the Moto X. It looks like the Moto Maker experience will be available in Best Buy retail stores very soon. Apparently, the retailer is in the process of preparing the availability of the customization service. According to a leaked photo, some stores already have displays of samples of the backplate in various colors. You will be able to design your Moto X right on the spot with the help of a tablet and internet.

source: Motorola / Phone Arena

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