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Moto Maker has officially added the Moto 360 to its customization options

ByinSmartwatches | March 10, 2015

Moto 360 Moto MakerTwo weeks ago Motorola announced its plan to bring Moto Maker for the Moto 360. Today, the smartwatch has been officially added to the customizing fun, giving its users an opportunity to create a gadget that will meet their individual tastes and needs. But, just as mentioned before the Moto 360 customization platform won’t deliver as many alternatives as the one covering the very anticipated Moto X. Still, however, the Moto Maker sounds a perfect option if you want to design your very own variant of the smartwatch.

Moto 360 hits Moto Maker store

Customized Moto 360While creating your own, exceptional Moto 360 you will be able to pick one of three case finishes: Dark Metal, Light Metal or Champagne Gold. Next up, you will be asked to choose one of nine available wrist bands, including leather, metal and new completely new mono-link design which is a modern approach to the classic band style. Then you will have to choose one of eleven watch faces that will pop up on the display when you will turn on the watch.

Additionally, if you are a hesitant person who needs a tip on which elements look good together, the manufacturer prepared some new ready-to-buy combinations of the Moto 360. Among them you can find the Modernist with Light Finish case and Champagne Gold bracelet, the Wheeler Dealer combining Light Finish case and Dark Metal band or the Professor Hip with 22 mm Cognac Leather strap.

Moving on to prices, just as expected the basic model of the Moto 360 starts at $249, but if you choose champagne gold finish for your watch’s case you will need to spend additional $30. Furthermore, if you decide to equip your watch with a metal band variant be prepared to spend another $50. So, as you’ve probably already noticed the prices range from $249 to $329, dependently on what features you would like to add to your gadget.

source: Motorola Blog

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