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Minuum keyboard coming to Android Wear making possible to text from your watch

ByinSmartwatches | July 18, 2014

Minuum KeyboardAre you tired of communicating with your smartwatch using your voice? Don’t worry, there’s finally the light at the end of the tunnel of your problem. Thanks to Minuum we will soon be able to type commands and messages on our smartwatch.

As for now the Minuum’s keyboard for Android Wear is still in the test phase. Although, the manufacturer states it still needs some time to enhance it, it’s teasing us with early demo presenting how the little keyboard cope with the very restricted space of the LG G Watch’s display.

Minuum Keyboard for Android Watches

Keyboard for smartwatchLet’s take a closer look at the first version of the Minuum’s Android Watch keyboard. First of all, in opposition to the recently unveiled version of the keyboard designed to be compatible with circular devices such as the Moto 360 , this prototype keyboard is adapted to the square form devices.

Since Minuum keeps the given word and does the best it can to take as little space as it is possible, the keyboard displays only a single line of letters without any unnecessary interface gadgets. Minuum explains having applied such solution telling that the traditional keyboard paradigms won’t work on a tinny display of a smartwatch. The design has to be space-saving and taking into consideration its users’ tendency to sloppy writing.

Furthermore, the new keyboard is said to be very intuitive. Using natural language patterns the keyboard works similarly to the voice recognition system. It simply tries to predict what we want to write and gives us suggestions as to the word we would like to input. The communication is very user- friendly: swipe to the right to accept the word, and swipe to the left to cancel it.

Unfortunately, as Minuum designers have noticed, there aren’t many apps or services available for smartwatches that require a keyboard. But, don’t worry there’s also the good news saying that the keyboard’s developers and app designers have joined they forces in order to introduce the keyboard to as many apps as it will be possible.

The whole fuss about the new Minuum’s  keyboard for Android Watches has evoked a heated discussion on whether smartwatches really need a typing input. Skeptics say it is silly and inconvenient to write on such a microscopic keyboard, suggesting that in situations when we have to text a message it is easier to use a smartphone. Others, those fed up with voice input, are eager for the new input solution, saying it would save our time.

Although the company keeps mum about the exact date determining when the keyboard will be available for particular smartwatches, if you are the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live user, you may register on Minuum website to test the demo version of the Minuum Adroid Watch keyboard just right now.

source: Minuum

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